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I'd recommend Dusty's to anyone! It probably helped that I got in an accident half a block away from them but it could not have been an easier process. Everyone I interacted with was so nice and helpful - Linda, Craig, Kevin and the other woman up front (sorry I don't know her name). Car looks brand new, and they finished it earlier than expected. Also asked if it was ok to do the repair at the other Dusty's because it would be quicker and had it ready for me at the original location which was more convenient - very thoughtful and accommodating. Thank you!

— Barbara C., Ann Arbor, MI

My overall experience at Dusty's was great, but the individuals that I would like to specifically recognize are the two ladies that work at the front desk. It was an absolute pleasure working with both of them, and they truly made my experience memorable. They both act as the face of your company, and you should feel fortunate to have them working at your company.

— Tyler H., Ypsilanti, MI

I had a great experience with Dusty's collision. The repair was done very quickly. When one of my rims cam back from resurfacing with some minor scratched still visible, they sent it back for replacement. The staff was very friendly, dropping me off at work after I left the car with them and picking me up from work when it was time to collect the car. More over, they worked seamlessly with my insurance representative to handle all of the financials. The customer experience was fantastic, and I would highly recommend Dusty's.

— Bailey P., Ann Arbor, MI

I've been going to Dusty's for 20 years. They are second to none. I drive way out of my way to get my cars and friends repaired at Dusty's. If u want quality, don't waste your time looking elsewhere.

— Ron W., Howell, MI

I almost never write reviews, but the service here was so incredibly courteous and professional that I want to comment on it. My parked car was damaged by another driver and I had to bring the car in. I was going on vacation a day or two after I brought the car in for an estimate. Initially, they said I would have to wait three weeks to bring the car back for the repairs. The office staff called their other locations to see if anyone could fit me in. When Dusty heard about the issue, he personally said I could leave the car later that day. The staff was amazingly courteous and delightful to deal with. They must realize that if you are in their offices, there is a certain amount of natural stress (because your car is damaged). They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and cared for. The repair was done earlier than they had promised and the car looks great. What more can you ask for? They did a very professional repair job and the staff is super courteous. EXCELLENT!!

— Mark D., Ann Arbor, MI

Dusty's does good and honest work, and the staff are always pleasant and cheerful. I've used them three times over the thirty years I've lived in the area, and the fact that I went back tells it all.

— Ruth S., Ann Arbor, MI

After my daughter's friend had a crash, we picked Dusty's based on reviews (and my dad's nickname!). Jessica kept me up to date on service, costs, and timing. The vehicle repair and body work seem to have been done extremely well, on time and within the cost estimate. I really appreciated Jessica's communication and helpfulness - seems uncommon in this type of business, but Dusty's was very good for us. Thanks!

— John M., Grand Rapids, MI

Both passenger side doors had to be replaced. When we picked up the vehicle my wife said "It looks like a new car". Detailing was great. Excellent customer service. Recommend Dusty's.

— Paul P., Ann Arbor, MI

Incredible customer service. I will never go elsewhere again. From the appointment scheduling, status updates, body and paint work and follow up care, I felt truly cared about here. Dusty's Collision defines quality work with a smile.

— Sarah P., Bancroft, MI

I was amazed when I got my car from dusty's. The car was cleaner than it had been in years; they picked me up at home to get the car.

— Richard M., Ann Arbor, MI

My husband and I wont take our cars anywhere else, Dusty's is the best.

— Shelley B., Ann Arbor, MI

Excellent all round--good repair, staff very cordial, prompt estimate, very prompt repair, prompt pick-up and drop-off. Highly recommended.

— Jim W., Ann Arbor, MI

Dusty's just finished repairs on my van and it looks AMAZING. Everyone is so friendly, efficient and the work is top notch. I have used them for years and have never ever been disappointed. Above all, Dusty is honest. He never tries to sell you repairs that don't need to be done. In fact, I was thinking about fixing my bumper that had some scratches on it and he was the one that talked me out of it. Saying that it wasn't needed and wouldn't increase the value. I will never go anywhere else!

— Anna A., Ann Arbor, MI

Good website, clean shop, kind and helpful staff, lifetime warranty, on pickup looked new in the area of the repair and clean inside and out. Grateful for this part. Criticism: I really did not appreciate that you kept me hostage most of Friday. Zero communication about when, if at all, I would get my car back. I called a little before 2pm and Michael Soroka said he would call me back with status. 3pm still no call. I call back and Soroka promises car done Friday, but “I will call you back about 4pm to arrange a ride from the porter.” He didn’t call, again leaves me hanging. Will I really get my car back for the weekend? I call a third time at 4:45 (why must I do this to learn what’s happening?!) and Linda promises porter is on his way. No apologies from staff tell me they think this is business as usual for Dusty’s. Soroka’s word’s imply that porter pickup is a “special” accommodation. Linda calls me again to see if I will pay over the phone, so she can go home on time, before I’m sure I’ll really get my car back. I was not at all pleased with the awkwardness involved in picking up my car after you fixed it.

— Richard ., Gaeth, MI

I worked with Dusty in an unrelated matter, and I knew he was a good businessman and an all around decent guy. We had a little fender bender to our Tahoe, and Dusty's fixed it like new.

— Donald D., Ann Arbor, MI

I had my car repaired last week at Dusty's. It was off the books and you guys fixed it on the cheap and it looks great. The facility looks so clean and bright. Dawn and Linda were as pleasant and helpful as they could be. The young man (Blake?) that gave me a lift home when I dropped the car off talked about how much he liked working there and how his favorite part was helping the customers out and how Dusty was the best boss he's ever had. You should all be proud of the business that you have built there. Thank you for being great. I hope I never require your services again, but if I do, you will see me. Jim Murabito

— jim m., ypsilanti, MI

My car was rear ended recently so I took it to Dusty's in Ann Arbor for repair. Repairs, parts and paint were absolutely perfect for my 2011 Malibu. Great customer service and received the car back the day promised. What a great company. I would definitely recommend Dusty's to anyone who needs body work.

— Matt L., Pinckney, MI

I have a black car and ran over some white paint lying in the middle of Ellsworth. The left side wheel walls were coated and some splashed on the driver's door. This was a mess. Dusty's spent over three hours cleaning this off and gave me an extraordinary deal on the work. The staff were all very kind and friendly. I would recommend these folks in a heart beat.

— Annie L., Ann Arbor, MI

Had my pickup repaired by Dusty's this past week. Fairly substantial damage to the vehicle. They finished it faster than expected. It looked like new. They cleaned it inside and out. When I picked it up it looked fantastic!The day after I picked it up, I got a call from Austin, the rep who handled my case. He had a little emergency piggy bank I kept in the truck. I forgot about it when I dropped the truck off. They removed it when they initially got the vehicle from me, to prevent possible theft. I probably would have realized it wasn't in there eventually. Regardless, it was a pleasant surprise to find the honesty and quality they provided.Highly recommended!

— Pete E., Ann Arbor, MI

we just had our Chevy truck done 30 days ago and could not be happier , friendly service , very fast turn around , and the loner car was a plus , if I need any more body work they will get the job

— michael b., whitmore lake, MI

Last week, I did business with Dusty's for the first time and was exceedingly pleased at the outcome. Not only did they do an excellent job of the repair of my car, but my car was returned spotless as they had detailed it. Every staff member I encountered was very polite and helpful and never did I feel I was under any pressure to have the repair done by Dusty's. I highly recommend Dusty's without reservation.

— Graeme F., Ann Arbor, MI

Dusty's is a first class operation. Everything is upfront and done correctly the first time. They also have the best facility in mid Michigan. *****

— Jay D., Ann Arbor, MI

Excellent customer service. Got walk in immediate service for a minor repair. Gave me good advise on maintaining my paint. Thanks and I'll be back!

— Keith B., Ann arbor, MI

Awesome service..I hope I don't need collision work again, If I do I will be using Dusty's...

— Krista S., Ann Arbor, MI

Nephew, practicing for his driving field test, backed my baby black Camry SE into a parked car several weeks ago. Dusty's did a perfect job replacing and fixing everything. Looks great. They also did it quickly and exactly on the schedule they'd promised. Loved dealing with them! Hope I don't need that kind of help anytime soon of course, but, if I do I'm headed straight back to Dusty's.

— Larry C., Ann Arbor, MI

I want to thank Gary Piccoli and the team at Dusty's for the assistance in recent replacement of my Escape windshield. From Gary's efforts to install the new windshield, obtain rental car and transportation to the Ann Arbor airport, the experience was first class all the way. Thanks again, Karl Glenn

— Karl G., Ann Arbor, MI

Collision issues are never pleasant. I was absolutely blown away with the quality of service received at Dusty's Collision. Staff communicated thorough thru out the entire process, saving me grief and my insurance company (ultimately me) money...Thank you so much staff at Dusty's Collision.

— Daniel S., Ann Arbor, MI

just stopped by to ask a question regarding a loose wheel well panel. Dusty came out to take a look at it. In less than 5 minutes he had it fixed. I offered to pay him and he refused! Thank you so much! If I need future service that is where I'm going.

— Richard N., Lovernick, MI

Although my car was a total loss, Dusty's was fabulous to deal with. While dealing with the details of the situation across a 600+ mile distance was difficult, the staff at Dusty's did everything possible to make it easier for me. If they went this far beyond what was required for a customer who could not generate a profit for them, I can only imagine that they make it a policy to do this for all of their customers. Truly outstanding.

— Debbie L., Garwood, NJ

Dusty's did a great job repairing my Subaru in Aug 2013. I returned in September with what everyone thought was a warranty repair and was treated respectfully. The repair was made without charge and when I picked it up they told me it had nothing to do with their work. It was a manufacturing design error coincidental to the collision timing but there was still no charge !! "we learned from it. Send your friends." So I will.

— Charlotte C., Ann Arbor, MI

No one is perfect, but I have to say that Dusty's Collision comes as close as possible. I'm an older guy (66), and in my life I have NEVER had better service. Their staff was friendly and courteous, their work was excellent, their delivery was ahead of estimated time, and their cost was about half of the dealer estimate. They went out of their way to see that I was taken care of. All this, and the receptionist at the front desk was as pleasant and helpful as she could be! What else could you want? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dusty's.

— Martin B., Ann Arbor, MI

I have done business with Dusty's Collision for many years, most recently in May 2013. I had some paint work done with excellent results. I highly recommend their work.

— Thelma T., Ann Arbor, MI

Dusty's collision provided excellent repair and service when my car was damaged in April 2013. My initial consultation with Aaron was reassuring and informative . Steps of repair and paint matching were thoroughly explained, estimated time of repair and cost was accurate and i was able to pick up my car as planned. Aaron noticed a dent I had forgotten and arranged to have it repaired at the same time. My car looks great, the paint matches perfectly and I can see no evidence that it was damaged. Thanks Dusty, Beth (the office Boss) and Aaron.

— Diana L., Ann Arbor, MI

"Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided me when I brought my Honda Odyssey in last month for repairs. I especially appreciated you loaning me a car while mine was being repaired. I have an active family with three young children and being without a car for several weeks would have been very challenging. You really helped minimize the burden on me and my family."

— L. B., Ann Arbor, MI